Thursday, April 15, 2010

PlayStation Home Update for April 15

     This week looks like there is a decent update for PS Home. There will be a few new space, & as always some new clothing/ furniture for purchase in the mall. Now on to the new stuff. We will see the launch of the SOCOM OPFOR game space, which will allow players to assemble an assault weapon in a mini-game & then load out into SOCOM: Confrontation with a Gold AK-47 an exclusive weapon only available to the players who can complete the mini-game in 12 seconds or less. Also according to the PS Blog Associate Producer KC Coleman had this to say about the new addition to PlayStation Home:

"The ability [for PlayStation Home users] to unlock the Golden AK-47 in SOCOM: Confrontation is a huge step forward for Home as a platform and for the fans of the PS3 in general. We’ve long prided ourselves on being able to expand the experience of favorite PS3 titles by creating complementary content in Home, but this is the first time we’ve brought that experience back around to the disc game.
It’s truly a win-win-win situation. It’s a win for Home because we have opened up a huge door that will allow developers to continue to blur the line between PlayStation Home and PS3 games. It’s a win for SOCOM: Confrontation as a title because it allows them to continue to offer great content to players. And, of course, it’s a win for the millions of fans of Home and SOCOM: Confrontation because they get exclusive, meaningful, and 100% free content that is unlocked not from merely downloading an expansion pack, but by playing a fun game."
In addition to the Gold AK-47 mini-game, the SOCOM OPFOR space has the  5-Finger Fillet mini-game with leaderboards.

      This week will also see the introduction of the Monkey Island franchise into PlayStation Home. The PlayStation Home Mall will have the Ghost Pirate Ship personal space (complete with rewards), furniture items, & some Monkey Island costumes. Also being re-releasing this week is the new & improved Gamer’s Lounge. They have added music, a Liar’s Dice mini-game, a ticker that pulls from the official PlayStation Twitter account & a survey that rewards participants with a special virtual item. The Gamer’s Lounge will now host the daily Featured Game parties, which have been held previously at Listen@Home in Central Plaza.

    This week is looking like a decent update & if you have not checked out PS Home i recommend you at least give it a try. It is free after all & who know maybe you will see me on playing one of the many mini games or just hanging around from time to time. For more information check out the PS Blog &/ AlphaZone4.


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