Thursday, April 1, 2010

PlayStaion Home update for Apirl 1 2010

     It is that time of the week, Thursday. The day that PS Home & the PS Store update. For this week the US gets  some Anime themed virtual items, MAG costumes, along with some more costumes for the Uncharted 2 space & Irem Carnival space. There will also be a event April 2 called the "Easter City Hunt-down." takeing place in Home so check it out if you want. They will also be airing the newest episode of The Tester in the Home Theater. Watch the videos & you get a FREE shirt for your avatars.

     On a separate note as stated on the PlayStation Blog Light Box Interactive will be hosting a month-long Capture the Flag tournament starting Friday, April 2.Winners will be able to win the Champions Blade in game & a Warhawk t-shirt for there Home avatars.

     If you want a more in depth look at what new stuff is available you can visit the Playstation Blog & AlphaZone4 for the latest news on everything Home related.

- mwvdragon

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