Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Dragons Weekly Recap For April 4-10

     I decided to start something new on the blog called the dragons weekly recap. I will write a little bit about what i been playing along with whatever else i feel like writing about. Any feedback or comments are appreciated & all are accepted. I don't delete comments unless they are flaming other commenter's or spamming so feel to write anything you feel like writing.

     This past week i really have not had that much time to game with all the overtime i been working.(This week looks like it will be the same. >_<) But i always try & make a few hours a day to get something in. I got around to finishing up a stay on zach island in Dead or Alive Paradise on the PSP. All i have to say about the game is that it is not that good one bit. For one i had no clue what the objective to the game was for the first few hours, to tell you the truth i still have no clue. I mainly bought the game because i loved the DOA fighting games on the PS1 & 2. I knew that this game was not a fighting game but was all about the girls of DOA but i never really knew what to expect. What i ended up getting was some game with mini games & the ability to dress up the girls in new bikinis. I will get around to reviewing it at some point but do not expect anything high.

     For the PlayStation 3 i finally started up Last Rebellion. I also plan on writing a review of it. I know that the game has not been getting great reviews but i think the game is worth it for any real hard core jrpg fan if they have nothing else to play. It is worth a purchase if you need a jrpg fix & do not know of anything else to get. My review will be basing this game on what it is & not going to be comparing it to other RPG's on the PS3.I also got a little BF:BC2 online in but not much. The game is great as always.

   On the PC i have only been playing a little AstroEmpires which is a browser based mmo strategy game. I always have some time to check in on the game because it dose not take much to just log in & move my ships or just build up my bases & fleet. Other than that i have not gotten around to playing anything else. I really do wish i had the time to invest in more games but work keeps getting in the way. I also bought the games i did not already have from rpg sale but have yet to play them or even install them yet.

    Maybe this week i will  get more chances to play some more video games & not be so exhausted from work that all i do is sleep or lack there of. This week you can look forward to at least one new review for a game on the PS3. Other than that there will be the usual PS home update, along with PS store update. If anything else gets posted it will be all be based on how much time i have & if anything new comes up that i feel like writing about. Have a great week everyone & play those video games. ^^


*These DOA:Paradise pics where taken by me in game. Later on when i get my site up you will be able to find these & others.

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