Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Dragons Review: Patchwork Heroes

*This game was purchased by the reviewer. All opinions in this review are the reviewers & no one else. 

Patchwork Heroes (PlayStation Portable)
Developed by: Acquire
Published by: Sony
Released on: March 18, 2010
MSRP: $9.99 (PSN Only)

I like different, original games, and the PSP  has a lot of them which is great. Also If you have not heard of  Patchwork Heroes it is understandable as the marketing was essentially non-existent & it was only released as a PSN download. 

In Patchwork Heroes, you play as a young pilot named Titori.  Your village is being attacked by fleets of warships on a daily bases &  it's your job to destroy them so you can save the village from destruction. The game is presented as a side view of the airship, looking at the back of Titori & his crew as he crawls around  on the hull of the ship. Armed with nothing more than a saw & the aid of your fellow crew mates, you'll land on these ships & cut them apart piece by piece like a piece of paper before they reach your village.

Patchwork Heroes has simple controls & slowly builds upon it as you progress through the levels. Power-ups give players new abilities, & the ships get increasingly more dangerous as the change shape, size as you progress. More, & newer enemies try & stop you from destroying the ship you will have to find newer ways to take them down & have a better eye on what is going on the screen. Cutting off sections of the ship with enemies will give you energy to perform a special move called a Mojo attack that will allow you to cut through the reinforced areas of the hull. You can also sacrifice one of your fellow crew members which will become a bomb & kamikaze a large part of the ship.

While lots of missions ask for you disassemble a ship, some are more complicated. For instance, you might be asked to leave one part of the ship alone, meaning you can't play like a complete maniac & have to take your time. There are a total of 30 story missions, & four difficulty levels for each. Additionally, there are challenge missions. You start with ten levels, & after you complete each one, you unlock a new set of ten mission to play. These mission can get damn hard even when you have the difficulty set to easy.  Percentage completion of the game is based on playing on every difficulty & making sure every unique citizens on every level survive the fight till the end of the mission.

In the end this game is a must have for any psp owner that likes those quirky Japanese games & the price cannot be denied. It is a lot of fun for 10 dollars than you will ever have with many other video games out there. The art style is stellar, game mechanics are top notch & of course it is just a load of fun as you take down ship after ship. If you have not already picked this game up i recommend this to all you who have a psp & are at least a little interested in the game.

  • Graphics - A
  • Gameplay - A
  • Sound - B
  • Singleplayer - A-
  • Multiplayer - (NA)
  • OVERALL - A- 

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