Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dragons Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2

*This review is based on the PS3 version of the game & was purchased by the reviewer. All opinions in this review are the reviewers & no one else.

    The game may have been out for a month now but it is never late for some opinions on a game. With that said EA & DICE have developed a great game that gamers will be playing for a long time to come. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ups the visual prowess of its predecessor (BF:BC), while still delivering one of the most compelling multiplayer games to come out in a long time. I would even put it up to MW2 & in some aspects it is a over all better experience than MW2 will ever be.

     The single player starts you off during world war 2 as a secret ops group of soldiers. This part dose not last long but is just a introduction to what the members of Bad Company will be searching for later in the game.After that is all done you will be put into the role of Preston Marlowe, for those who played the first bad company this is the same guy you played before. The group of soldiers go around the world on the hunt for a weapon of mass destruction which must not fall into the hands of the Russians. The story will take you across a variety of locations that range from frozen mountains to dense jungles & even to a dried up lake that has become a desert.

     DICE also did a very nice job blending the particle effects & game objects in the foreground with the static backdrops. Your buddy AI dose a great job of covering your back but at times they can be lacking. Nothing can beat a real person when it comes to reliability. The campaign is good for a FPS. You fellow comrades of Bravo Two can be funny at times but is far from hilarious. There's tons of variety to the game play & all of it is a great deal of fun but this isn't the kind of campaign you'll be returning to again & again other than to get any trophies you missed your first time through.

     For some gamers, the shortcomings in the campaign will not matter. These people come for the multiplayer, and that's where Bad Company 2 shines the most. Here the destructibility of the campaign take destruction 2.0 to a whole new meaning. Your targets might be waiting inside a house or using a tower. This can change with just a few well placed explosives or aimed rpgs as you level the playing field around them. This adds an extra bit of strategy to a already awesome game as you work through extended battles, adapting your approach to the fight as the world around you alters.

     There are 4 different multiplayer game modes to choose from. First you have Rush which you defend or destroy a station depending what side you are on for as long as you can. Then there is conquest which you try & capture & hold flags for as long as possible. Squad rush is the mode where you play on a 2 man squad going up against another one in competition over 2 stations. Finally we have squad deathmatch where 4 squads go head to head to get the most kills. When you first enter a multiplayer match the game ask if you would like to join a squad, here it will put you into a open squad which are made up of 4 players each. From there you get to choose what type of class you would like to play as. You have your choices from Medic, Engineer, assault, & recon which each have a set load-out & customization to them that are unique to each one. All of this will keep you busy for hours & hours with more to come in the months ahead.

    Over all the campaign mode is decent for a FPS but it dose have its issues as well the AI not being the most helpful. The main reason to get this game would be for the online multiplayer which will keep you busy for many many hours longer than the single player could ever hope to. For a few hours i played the online, this is a must buy for any FPS fan that wants a team based shooter with plenty of customization & with large maps with the ability to take out anyone any where whether they be hiding out in a building of controlling one of the many vehicles there are in the game.

  • Graphics - A-
  • Gameplay - A-
  • Sound - A
  • Singleplayer - B-
  • Multiplayer - A
  • OVERALL - A-

- mwvdragon

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